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Before you start to play
  • Ask your kid(s) for their user name and password
  • Be sure to talk to your kid(s) about Internet Safety and who they should (and shouldn't) share their user name, password and personally identifiable information with.
  • Talk with your kid(s) about which games to play

Look for the VP after the name of the game—it indicates the game can be played for Virtual Points. We have puzzle games, sports games, fun/learning games and more! Here are a few games that you might like:
Skeeter's aMAZEing
Sandbag Stacker
Riley's Hoop Fever

At the end of game play:—enter your kid(s') user name and password and click the Save Points! button

If you are playing for more than one kid, you will need to do the following:
If you are playing Skeeter's aMAZEing Adventure you will also need to know if your kid(s) is an Ally (free member) or an Idea Seeker (paid member) when saving points.

The points have automatically been added to your kid(s') user name account.

This page lets you know how many more times you can play for points. Want to know what a badge slice is? Click here to learn more.
Choose a Game
And remember on our motto is Play Smart, Stay Save, Have Fun!™
  • Buy energy-efficient items for their House

  • Adopt and care for Plant Babies TM (virtual pets)

  • Donate points to the Fountain of Giving-to benefit non-profits helping kids, animals and others

  • Buy more furniture for their houses—Idea Seekers only

  • Buy clothing for their character—Idea Seekers only

  • Want to upgrade your child to an Idea Seeker membership? Click here to learn more!
Click here to Upgrade!

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