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In January 2009, four Idea Seeker News Network Kid Reporters met Faithful Friends TV co-host Electra Mustaine at CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. They looked for the newest "green" devices that can help spread the news about going green and saving the planet and its animals.

Syd Anglefish

Kita Cato

Sami Zoom

Lucie Cece

(from left) Faithful Friends TV co-host Electra
Mustaine and ISNN Kid Reporters Syd Angelfish,
Kita Cato, Sami Zoom and Lucie Cece

Choose a company to see the ISNN Report: Electronic Arts, WowWee, Digital Blue, Sony, Samsung

Kids@Play Area at CES
Checkout the cool new products for kids that we found at CES!

image from SimAnimals

Electra Mustaine reports about a new game from
EA - SimAnimals.
In SimAnimals you can make friends and interact with lots of different animals like this deer.


WowWee's Alive™ Cub

Electra Mustaine interviews Amy Weltman about WowWee's Alive™ Cubs.
Electra Mustaine tried out the product and said, "I really want one of these!"


Digital Blue™ products

Electra Mustaine interviewed Tim Effler about using their new night vision video camera to take video of animals at night.
While the kid-reporters tried out the new night-vision video camera, Electra Mustaine remarked, "That's really a good way to explore!"


New Products Saving the Planet!
Checkout the energy-saving and eco-friendly products we found at CES!

Sony Electronics, Inc.'s ECO BRAVIA

Sami Zoom interviews Mete Bahadir from Sony about how they are helping the environment.
  • Presence Sensor saves energy by shutting down TV when no one is in the room
  • Cathode Fluorescent lamps use 40% less energy
  • Take-Back Recycle Program means natural resources can be used again and greenhouse emissions are reduced
Sami Zoom said "technology is getting so good that things I thought would be way in the future are here and now and a lot of them are helping the environment!"


HT BD7200 2.1 Blu-ray Home Theater

Lucie Cece and Kita Cato interview Miranda Cromedy about Samsung's green products.
  • Washers get clothes clean without hot water or bleach which is good for the environment
  • ENERGY STAR compliant: products use less energy to operate
  • To assist consumers in reducing their carbon footprint, the new ToC™ monitors consume half the normal wattage
Lucie Cece found these speakers at the CES show.
"I saw speakers made using kelp!" she said.


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