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Viola Mabelle
Ed Begley, Jr.
On June 10, 2008 – Two Idea Seeker Network News Reporters got a great opportunity to interview  Hollywood Actor and Environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. about ways kids can help save energy!

Kids: Go to the Scribe's Studio to view the ISNN videos from the interviews.

   - Solar Cooking with Ed Begley by Syd Angelfish
   - Energy-Saving Car with Ed Begley by Viola Mabelle

Parents: Click here to view videos from the kids' interviews

Syd Anglefish, Ed Begley, Jr. and Viola Mabelle

Rain barrel for recycling water

Solar panels to save energy

My experience meeting and Interviewing Ed Begley Jr. was a wonderful experience. I had a great time. He was such a nice man and he made me and Alex more aware of the envIronment. I did not know that there were so many things we can do to help the envIronment. Ed Begley had so many things In his home that help save the earth, like his energy car, his lights in his house, he also has a barrow that catches rain so that he can recycle the water and use it for his plants. His favorite transportation is walking and he has a bike that has a battery that makes energy. Ed Begley Jr. grows his own food which he said was not hard at all. He has his own cleaning product that he gave us and my mom said it works pretty good. He has a lot of recycle products In his house.

I learned from Ed Begley jr, Kidscom and school that I should recycle and I started several months ago. My family and I have been doing really well with helping the environment. The things I do to help save the earth Is that i get a blanket when I am cold, open a window when It Is hot instead of using the airconditioner. When taking showers I take shorter ones.

Learning about greenhouse gasses and what it does the world is really scary. I have been telling all my friends about not using so much energy and telling them to stop barbequing, the next car they buy should be a electric car and telling people how bad smoke and CO2 is.


Syd Angelfish, Idea Seeker Reporter


Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Ed Begley's IZIP bicycle

Hi, I'm Viola Maybelle

On June 10, 2008 I enter viewed Ed Begley Junior in Studio City about the environment. One of the things I learned was he has his own product called Begley's best!

One of the questions I asked him was some kids thing their too young to make a difference in the world what would you say to them. His reply was: I think any of us can make a difference young or grown up. You can just start by Recycling. I thought that was just really amazing and a lot of kids like me can say wow I think I am going to make a difference in the world today!

I never knew Ed was an environmentalist and an actor.

I mostly wanna thank for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I love you guys!!!

Viola Mabelle, Idea Seeker Reporter


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